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Sven Bergendahl

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Lennaert Tolhoek
Lennaert Tolhoek
Jun 16, 2023

Hi Sven,

I got the exact same issue, but I'm not reallya die hard Linux pro. I get to the point where I mounted the usb with the patched igc.ko and removed the old one and inserted the new one.

But i don't have a clue what to do next, since entering the ce-installer command does not work. I guess I should somehow start the squashfs.img, but I don't know how.

Please help me out.



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Sven Bergendahl
Sven Bergendahl
·Jun 20, 2023

Hey Lennaert,

it depends where you're located after loading the driver.

I think after loading the driver you aren't in the installer directory of Nutanix anymore. So try to change directory just with the "cd" command, this should bring you back to the default installation directory.

You can also have a look where you currently are with the "pwd" command and with "ls -lisah" you can see which files are in your current directory.

Kind regards!