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I Mac


Sep 12, 2023

for i,z in ipairs(zombies) do

You are basically saying for each index and each zombie in the zombies table, run the following code...

Index is the place in the array, zombies[index] will return the value in that table, as an example:

x = {"I", "am", "cool"}

If we do x[2] we will get am from the table, since am is at index (place/position) 2 in the table

the z represents the value itself, take the above example, if we do for index, word in ipairs(x) do print(index, word) end, we'll get the following output:

1 I 2 am 3 cool

In that order

If you have trouble understanding some topics, getting a tutor might help you a bunch, might make the learning process more fun and encourage more learning

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I Mac
I Mac
·Sep 14, 2023

I am thinking of getting a tutor at some point when finances allow it, and try and find a mentor at some point as well :(