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Oladimeji Alabi Taofeek



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Dukeson Ehigboria O.
Dukeson Ehigboria O.
Feb 15, 2024

Nice article and educative. There is a little concept I find hard to accept and may be corrected. The paragraph before the Pointers Declaration, where you said "A variable is a datatype in C; ...", I am thinking you can explain that phrase or correct it.

A variable is an allocated space in the computer's memory used to hold data of a specific data type. When declaring a variable, you need to specify the data type and the name of the variable this will help the compiler allocate/reserve the specific amount of space for that variable with the variable name.

What do you think?

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Oladimeji Alabi Taofeek
Oladimeji Alabi Taofeek
·Feb 16, 2024

Certainly! Thank you for pointing that out. Here's a concise revision:

"A variable in C represents allocated memory for specific data. When declaring a variable, specifying both the data type and name helps the compiler reserve the right memory space for that type and identifier."