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Miguel Acevedo



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Jarrod Roberson
Jarrod Roberson
Mar 7, 2024

The only navigation you need when presented with coding "challenges" in interviews, is the route to the door.

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Miguel Acevedo
Miguel Acevedo
·Mar 8, 2024

Thank you for sharing your perspective Jarrod Roberson. I understand where you're coming from and agree with most of what you say. Coding interviews can indeed be daunting and might not always reflect real-world tasks, it's a common feeling many of us share in tech. Furthermore, lots of great candidates don't do well in these type of interviews.

Despite this, I like to view them as a "proxy" to assess computer science fundamentals and problem-solving skills. Could there be better methods? Surely!

With that said, the essence of my article is not to shy away from these challenges. The approach I outline in the article is meant to equip individuals with a methodical way of breaking down problems, which I think is a valuable skill not only on interviews but in everyday tech problem-solving. I put enphasis on learning from mistakes and practicing continuous improvement. I believe this mindset can transform seemingly impossible challenges into manageable tasks.

Appreciate the comment!