Let's build a better network for developers, together!

With Hashnode Evangelist Program (HEP), we are inviting Hashnode fans to work closely with our team.

Our team is looking for passionate users who can help us with continuous feedback, feature requests, social media promotions, online/offline meetups and more.


Join the program

What do you get?

  • Unlock exclusive evangelist badge on Hashnode
    • Your profile photo will be accompanied by a premium green badge everywhere on Hashnode.
  • Access to private Hashnode Slack Channel
    • We'll invite you to our private Slack channel, connect with the Hashnode team and other awesome developers in the community.
  • Exclusive Hashnode Evangelist Tee + Dev Stickers
    • We will ship Hashnode Tee and Stickers to you for free!
  • Sponsored Talks
    • We can sponsor your talks in various tech events. We will send a set of dev stickers which you can distribute in your meetups.
  • Exclusive invitation to Hashnode’s Official Meetups
    • You'll be the first one to get an exclusive invitation to Hashnode meetups in various countries. Upcoming meetups: India and US
  • Access to beta.hashnode.com (Nightly builds)
    • You will be the first one to access and test Hashnode's upcoming beta features and products.