Hashnode FAQs

Here are some of the questions we’ve received over time, if you don’t find the question that you want to have answered, please mail us at: hello@hashnode.com

Who can join Hashnode?

Hashnode is a place for all software developers and technocrats who keep interest in programming.

Can I register my company's profile on Hashnode?

Not yet. We have plans to introduce company pages on Hashnode. Profiles are for real human programmers.

What can I do on Hashnode?

Ask questions, participate in discussions, write blog posts, share news, ask well-known developers anything, find a job, and connect with fellow developers from all over the world.

Do you support non-English content?

At this point we have support only for the English language. Please write your answers, comments, and posts in English only.

Can I republish my content on Hashode?

Yes! We support Markdown format and have an import tool for those who want to republish their articles from Medium. Keep in mind to add the original URL and we'll forward all the SEO traffic to it.

Can I share short URLs, and/or affiliate links on Hashnode?

Short URLs, and/or affiliate links are treated as spam, and all such links will be delisted or removed from the system.

Can I report comments, replies, posts and users who don't follow Code of Conduct?

Yes, please do. All the comments, posts, replies and profiles have the "Report" option.

Can I share my GitHub repos / CodePen snippets, and ask for feedback?

Absolutely. You are more than welcome! :)

Can I promote my product here?

If your product is related to software developers, and software development in general, feel free to share a link, and ask for feedback. Keep in mind that we have a 1 in 10 rule for link submissions. We encourage you to share your blog posts, GitHub projects, etc...; however try to avoid doing it a lot. As a rule of thumb, for every link submission, containing your own content or directly mentioning your product try to have 9 quality submissions which aren't related to you or your company. Also, using calls to action such as "Sign up for free", "x% off with coupon code x", and similar are not allowed.

How can I change my primary email address?

Please send an email from your registered email address on Hashnode to hello@hashnode.com. Our team will change your email address from the dashboard.

How can I change my Hashnode username?

You cannot change your username on Hashnode, yet. Changing username is in our development pipeline. We will let you know via newsletter and our changelog once it's ready.

Why was my post delisted?

Hashnode moderators may delist your post (question, story or news), if they are not well formatted or they do not follow our Code of conduct. Delisting makes the question visible only to you or users with the URL.

Why was my post deleted?

Hashnode moderators can delete your posts if they are spam or do not meet our Code of conduct.

Why am I banned on Hashnode?

When your content (questions, answers, links, stories, etc.) is reported multiple times (by Hashnode members), our system shadow bans your account. You can send an email to hello@hashnode.com to request a manual review.

Hashnode team members can permanently ban your account for spamming the network or not meeting our Code of conduct.

Can I get some Hashnode swag?

Email us at hello@hashnode.com with your full name, address, phone number, and Hashnode username. We will ship your free goodies.

Can I work for Hashnode?

Yes, of course. We are always looking for the right fit. Head over to the jobs section and apply.

What are AMAs?

AMAs are "Ask me anything" sessions in which well-known developers answer all your questions.

Can I host an AMA?

Drop us a line at hello@hashnode.com and we can take it from there.

How can my company become a sponsor?

Write to us at hello@hashnode.com for sponsorship inquiries.

How can I advertise on Hashnode?

We are looking for community sponsors. Get in touch with us at hello@hashnode.com for more details.

Where's Hashnode's privacy policy and terms of service?

Privacy policy, Terms of service