For several years, the handy ng-annotate has helped save countless developers hours and debugging sessions, by automatically inserting Angular's dependency injection annotations to code instead of ...For several years, the handy ng-annotate has helpe... Read more

I have worked with Angular. But now I am not using it anywhere. But still i am eager to learn about it. Please elaborate more about new features of angular 4.

Templates in AngularJS are quite powerful, but just because something can be done in the template doesn’t mean you should do it there. The separation between controller and template can be vague in Angular, which is why I have a couple of guidelines ... Read more

I'm learning to become a web developer, full stack is my goal for now. I must say that while the frontend would seem like a nice thing to focus on, it seems like utter madness to me in its current state, with so much inelegant complexity. Sass, Angul...Read more

One of the basic building blocks of Angular is, of course, the ng-repeat directive. It's certainly one of the things newcomers pick up right when starting to learn Angular. Yet, it's very easy to just learn the basics and miss out on some of its less... Read more


Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications.


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