I am currently using arangodb and I never saw a database that slow... even mysql is faster (not joking). In my website I need relations between collections like: -check if the guy who is trying to see your post is a friend or not -filter by the amout...Read more

I know this value is a string, but I only saw numbers in it so far... arangodb

Just wondering because it would mean there is a limit of 9999 documents in a collection...

With the release of ArangoDB 3.0, I figured I'd share this GitHub repo I maintain for anyone interested in using ArangoDB with ASP.NET Identity 2; huge audience, I know :) . It's still a work in progress, but it's a full replacement for EntityFramewo... Read more


ArangoDB is a multi-model mostly-memory database with a flexible data model for documents and graphs. It is designed as a "general purpose database", offering all the features you typically need for modern web applications.


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