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Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform by Microsoft.

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Considering Alibaba is a new player in industry, are there any upsides of moving to it? Do you think they can create an impact in such a heavily dominated space?

India's e-commerce giant Flipkart is all set to use Azure for their public cloud. We use Azure at Hashnode too!

What are some web hosting services you would recommend? For hosting a low to moderate traffice website, is a VPS generall enough? What should I avoid if I want to maximize control? Which web hosting services should I avoid? What exactly is this cPane...Read more

I have heard so many great things about Microsoft Azure recently. Looks like the company is finally on the right track. What's your feedback on their service? UPDATE: Hashnode is on Microsoft Azure as well! Someone from the team might be the right pe...Read more

As a developer, which platform will you use for a large web applications? Anyone who has used all of them, please share your experiences : pros and cons of each.

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