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H4rsh99·36 minutes ago

Write a program to find the numbers in an array that are bigger than 50 using pointers.

In this article, we will see how we can go through an array and find the numbers that are greater than 50 #include <stdio.h> void bigg(int *x); int main() { int i; int a[10]; printf("enter the number: "); for (i = 0; i<=9;…

Bash Basic cmd
Ephraim Atta-Duncan
Diego Ballesteros (Relatable Code)

Part - 2 of QA Resources

Resources for QA

In this blog, let's check what exactly STLC is? and the Testing classifications - which is mainly required to know as a Test Engineer. STLC - Software Testing Life Cycle This is a sequence of activit…

Part - 2 of QA Resources