Create true Java unit tests by mocking all external dependencies in your unit tests with the Spock testing framework.

DevOps is a vast topic and needs some patience and examples to understand it thoroughly. There are many aspects to successfully adopting DevOps in your organization and it's always good to learn from experts! Here is our list of recommended reading f... Read more

Happy to share what began as a scratch your own itch thing. Semaphore's biggest Rails app has a 45+ minute test suite and we needed something to evenly distribute tests across parallel jobs so that we can get CI feedback in 5 minutes instead. So here... Read more


Continuous Integration is extremely useful and provides you with immediate feedback when something breaks, improving the quality of your code. Ideally, if you are developing an application and have written tests you can use CI to build your application every commit and have it run against your tests (if using Test Driven Development, TDD) to know if it passed or failed.


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