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Continuous Integration is extremely useful and provides you with immediate feedback when something breaks, improving the quality of your code. Ideally, if you are developing ...


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How to build simple and well tested REST APIs backed by PostgreSQL in Go, using Gorilla Mux — a highly stable and versatile router.

Filesystem  -  the foundation of Buddy’s pipelines This guide offers details concerning the filesystem - the basis of every pipeline, and clarifies how to use it to improve pipelines’ abilities.

At Hashnode, we are always working hard to make your experience better and we recently fixed our deployment process entirely based on a discussion on Hashnode. This will enable us to deliver your favorite features faster than ever before. The Problem...Read more

Hello, I'm new at Jenkins and want to know when you are configuring a new pipeline from SCM (GitHub in my case) how do you say to the pipeline the directory to make deploy? Inside the Jenkinsfile? Or in the pipeline configuration itself?

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