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It's a set of processes and tools that help DEV and OPS teams work faster. Devops is a culture. It's a way of thinking that both DEV and OPS teams have to adopt in order to ...


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The goal of the tutorial is to use the ELK stack as a Centralized Logging and Monitoring solution for Apache logs.

There's no need for impressive statistics with millions of users when we talk about Instagram. It's just a part of our life already as we are able to share anything in seconds. Even people without smartphones heard about and know what Instagram is.

As I've written before, Fabric is a great tool for automating some basic systems administration tasks. Recently, I wrote fabric-digitalocean in order to make it easier to use Fabric with DigitalOcean Droplets. It provides an @droplets decorator for u... Read more

Analyzers are made up of two main components: a Tokenizer and a set of Token Filters. The tokenizer splits text into tokens according to some set of rules, and the token filters each perform operations on those tokens. The result is a stream of proce... Read more

Keeping flaky tests and brute-forcing them to pass defeats the purpose of testing. There is an unspoken assumption that something is wrong with the tests, and that it's fine to just rerun them. This assumption is dangerous. Who's to say that the race... Read more

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