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It's a set of processes and tools that help DEV and OPS teams work faster. Devops is a culture. It's a way of thinking that both DEV and OPS teams have to adopt in order to ...


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There's no denying the fact that you should ship to production as many times as possible in a day. If something's ready, ship it. That being said, deploying on a Friday evening always gets my heartbeat up. I am just curious about when you folks dep...Read more

Before setting up elasticsearch to fulfill entity extraction, it is worth checking out how it became such an easy task. There is a lot of buzz around the new Ingest API shipped with elasticsearch 5.x. The Ingest API allows data manipulation and enric... Read more

Easily manage your nodejs application instances. Start, stop, monitor your nodejs application with PM2.

Read this tutorial to learn how to use Vagrant for automating a dev environment and cloud infrastructure testing, and see some of its basic use cases.

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