I have 3 containers for each (Frontend, backend and MongoDB) Frontend, expose port:>80/tcp, 443/tcp API, expose ports: 80/tcp, 443/tcp, 43554/tcp,>3000/tcp MongoDB, expose ports:>27017/tcp To run my API, ...Read more

I have one server on DigitalOcean (CentOS) with Docker installed. I use Gitlab to build and generate an image with my app. Using the GitlabCI how can I publish my new image on server? Today I need to do this manually.. Log-on o server via SSH Stop t...Read more

I have the follow structure [vagrant@localhost]$ ls api package.json yarn.lock client favicon.ico Dockerfile ecosystem.config.js README.md With follow Dockerfile FROM keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine RUN npm install pm2 -g ADD . . # COPY...Read more

I just started learning about elasticsearch and I felt like all the guides I found were not complete. So I decided to write a post about the steps I had to do to be ready to learn from the elasticsearch formal guide.


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