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Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks and develop, organize and manage a business venture in a competitive global marketplace that is constantly evolving. ...


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How happy are you on a scale of one to 10? Mo Gawdat is an engineer, author, and serial entrepreneur who is on a personal mission to unlock the anatomy of happiness and help 10 million people become happier.

Startup Oasis is a A Bed&Breakfast and a Development Agency all in one .All-­‐inclusive facilities for startup founders to team up with passionate designers and developers to bring their idea to the next level. http://star...Read more

Has anyone ever set up one of these before using an online template? I recently decided to take on a partner and need to draft something up. I found something on lawdepot.com that looked promising... Any suggestions is most appreciated!

What are your thoughts on this communication trope often used on programmer, designer portfolio sites? It's friendly, personable but feels over used to me.

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