If you are new to React Native, chances are, you have heard of this "Expo" thing (formerly Exponent.) You tried looking up their website, but that probably left you with even more questions: Why do I need Expo? What does Expo provide that React Nativ... Read more

This is a great video. Robert and Paul talk with Brent Vatne of Expo (formerly Exponent) about the new official "Create React Native App" tool, about React Native becoming much more accessible to JS developers with no native toolkit experience, and a... Read more

Circular Slider in React Native (Exponent), with Apple's Bedtime clone as an example. ✨

We’ve been toying with the idea of using Exponent for our React Native apps, and it is quite exciting to have the Exponent Team, host an AMA here. Exciting enough for me to give you a blurb with a super quick overview of what Exponent is… Exponent i... Read more


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