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Express is a fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js.

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I'm trying to learn more express and mongodb, so I'm working on a feature that allows a user to search for quotes with certain words in them. So far I'm using mongoose-search-plugin npm module to handle the searching and displaying of the quotes; but...Read more

​ Authentication is an important issue when creating a dynamic web application. This article should clear things up and provide a basic instruction. ➡️ Github Repo is available here ⬅️ 📄 Table of contents Authentication? What I will use for this in...Read more

Part 14: finish the auth in mobile and add google auth on the server. Hope you enjoy the series :)

ad-socketio-chat - Chat concept developed on the AngularJS, Socket.IO, NodeJS / Express. Feel free to fork / experiment. (not completed)

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