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Express is a fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js.

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I know it may sounds like a dull question, but seriously I can't wrap my head around this (small) issue I'm facing. For the best part of the last 8 months I've been developing both a Fullstack RoR solution and its mobile counterpart using React Nativ...Read more

How I Overcame Impostor Syndrome, Wrote a Full Stack Application, and Escaped Nested Function Hell

Hello everyone, I have built a couple of Frontend projects and just starting to get my hands into backend projects... after researching a bit, I decided to choose the MERN stack, but there are lots of NodeJS,MongoDB,Express tutorial......and some sta...Read more

Part 2 of my Tutorial where we build a Meetup app using Node.JS and React-Native. Hope you can learn something with :)

I want to make service for fetching all users list in mongoose. And the retrieve json should be. { data:[{},{}], nextUrl:'/find-user/2/'}, next:true } And If next data not be there so then it should be.. { data:[{},{}], nextUrl:'/...Read more

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