I just started creating videos on Web development and I am shocked at how hard it is to explain and teach different concepts. It's one thing to understand how a widget works but it's a whole different beast trying to explain how it works. I give prop...Read more

I created a list to share the results and as sources of study of my completion of course work on the #flux architecture.

I was kinda frustrated by the amount of boilerplate on flux/redux, so I decided to roll my own library for side projects. It's heavily inspired by them, but with a very simplified API. Tell me what you think about it! :D

Does Vuex (VueJS version of Flux) only has a purpose when you are building Single Page Applications (SPA)? I'm trying to think of an architecture for my future applications and one thing that I have been lacking is when multiple components needs to t...Read more


Flux is the application architecture that Facebook uses for building client-side web applications. It complements React's composable view components by utilizing a unidirectional data flow. It's more of a pattern rather than a formal framework, and you can start using Flux immediately without a lot of new code. - Flux Docs


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