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Foundation is a responsive front-end framework. Foundation provides a responsive grid and HTML and CSS UI components, templates, and code snippets, including typography, ...


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The Foundation team has cut your development time in half again. Today we're thrilled to share Foundation Building Blocks with you- a comprehensive, open-source library of coded UI components you can drop into any standard Foundation project to give ... Read more

Foundation has simultaneously pushed the web forward and made the latest web technologies easy to build into your workflow. It was the first framework to be responsive, the first to be mobile first, the first to be semantic, the first to use Sass, th... Read more

Rafi from ZURB's Foundation team breaks down how Foundation 6's Flexbox Helpers classes can help save time and eliminate stress.

The Foundation 6.3 update adds loads of new features, including Mutation Observers to the framework. We're comic book nerds in addition to designerds, so we're using the X-Men to help explain what they are and why they are awesome for your web develo... Read more

After months of hard work by contributors around the globe, Foundation 6.3 is now available! It's our biggest update yet, with new and improved components like Cards, a bulletproof Off Canvas, Mutation Observers and more! Check it out: http://zurb.co... Read more

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