Logger will return a kit/log.Logger that has been injected into the context by the kit server. This function will only work within the scope of a request initiated by the server.

Checkmarx is an Application Security software company, whose mission is to provide enterprise organizations with application security testing products and services that empower developers to deliver secure applications. Amongst the company's 1,000 cu... Read more

In Black Hat Go, you'll learn how to write powerful and effective penetration testing tools in Go, a language revered for its speed and scalability.

ansigo - Go package to convert ANSi art files to PNG

As people who know me know, my current favourite language is go. One of the best features of go is the lack of features. This is actually the reason I preferred C over most scripting languages for a long time - it does not overburden you with languag... Read more


Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. GoLang.org


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