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Machine Learning is a subfield of Computer Science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence.

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Which Machine Learning course will you recommend to a newbie?

The sylabus looks really great to me. Check it out here. https://medium.com/udacity/deep-learning-nanodegree-foundation-program-syllabus-in-depth-2eb19d014533#.l7vnyonc2

Do you think services from Google and Amazon enough for small companies?

How could I know whether the user is feeling low or angry by understanding the text converstation. Please provide some tools libraries that will be useful for building up this kind of chat bot.

For example, if we are asking a user how are they feeling today, and they talk back saying "why are you asking me this", we need to know that they are trying to break flow of the conversation. What must prerequisite knowledge I should know before dev...Read more

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