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Meteor.js is a cohesive development platform, a collection of libraries and packages that are bound together in a tidy way to make web development easier. It builds on ideas ...


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JavaScript popularity continues its rising. In 2016 we’ve witnessed such great changes, as AngularJS entire upgrade and introduction of Angular 2, ultimate dominating of jQuery that is applied on 96.5% of all JS sites, evolution of ECMAScript, two up...Read more

Custom Telescope Theme. Still in beta, the idea is to build TL;TR (To long to read) content

My girlfriend and co-founder wrote an tutorial how to create custom theme for Telescope (Meteor.js app)

I understand the fact that all of them are “complete” web framework solutions in their own right, but what are the differences that they have, meaning how do they differ from each other in the solutions they offer, and their architecture; when it com...Read more

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