I use meteor but want to fast debug the code written in node. How to fast change files on server and how to get server console from node. I try to use zeit but i can't find logs from node server there

If you've spent any time looking into building an app with React Native and Meteor you've likely come across the package react-native-meteor . You may have also come across meteor-client-bundler which is a newer entry in the game. So what are they?

Every time I try to run meteor I am getting this type of error from different node_modules... I just updated to never happened with 1.4.2. => Started proxy. => Started MongoDB. /Users/PolGu...

Considering the time taken to build the app, flexibility, reliability, etc

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Meteor.js is a cohesive development platform, a collection of libraries and packages that are bound together in a tidy way to make web development easier. It builds on ideas from previous frameworks and libraries to offer an easy way to start a prototype app, but it gives you the tools and flexibility to build a full fledged production app. - Meteor.com


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