I got from udemy.com a course named "Modern React/Redux", a popular course. Lately, I see more and more posts about MobX on Hashnode. What is your opinion on Redux and MobX, which one you use, which one is used more in the market etc? :)

MobX is popular for React state management, but how does it measure up to Redux? Michael Wanyoike compares both and shows how to migrate from Redux to MobX

I'm pretty sure that you end up with a situation when your component need to fetch data from the database and this process evolve Display loading status Display error if the promise is rejected Update data if the promise is resolved Whats is the ef...Read more

ReSub is a library released by Microsoft + Open Source for writing React components that automatically manages subscriptions to data sources simply by accessing them. It suggests the use of TypeScript. From their docs: It is fine to use ReSub without... Read more

React Native App with React Navigation, MobX, Styled Component and Flow.


MobX is a simple, scalable and battle tested state management solution. It makes state management simple again by addressing the root issue: it makes it impossible to produce an inconsistent state. know more


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