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MongoDB (from humongous) is a cross-platform document-oriented database. Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database ...


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NoSQL supports unstructured data, as simple as that. The same can be achieved by storing json strings in Postgres. Postgres gives you strict rules and foreign keys and holds everything tight unlike Mongo which basically lets you do whatever you want...Read more

New approach speeds up testing of traffic management solutions for data center networks.

am developing a social application in which user can upload photo albums, update their status and follow other users. I am using Node.js + MongoDB. I have a requirement to display news feeds in which each user gets the update of his followers. Here i...Read more

I discovered something about Mongoose that I did not know until yesterday, while working on a side project. Imagine that you have a schema called Tweets and all tweets have comments. The problem I was trying to solve was to determine whether or not t...Read more

I've published part 8 of my Tutorial :) I add redux-form and updated expo to v15 :)

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