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MySQL is an Open Source Relational SQL database management system.

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I have a web application for my client and i want to host that for free, could you please suggest me how to achieve this. Am using nodejs, angular2 and Mysql

Databases make it easy for us to create, edit, and access information making them indispensable. Check out this list of 8 popular databases.

I have been using core PHP for more than 2 years. Now, I want to learn something new and advanced. How should I proceed, and which languages or frameworks should I choose to begin with?

How is Hadoop compared to MySQL, are they competitors or can they supplement each other? Can I use Hadoop and Hive to process large data and serve it into a MySQL database that my application access?

I have a table in MariaDB that contains a population, this population is associated to a period and a person. On the population there's a boolean. I need to calculate the lengths of those, which means if the population (that's a person and period com...Read more

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