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MySQL is an Open Source Relational SQL database management system.

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Real-time #MySQL profiler as a transparent proxy written in #nodejs. If you love MySQL and Node.js, go contribute! :-)

Hi, Currently my application is on mySQL but as data is growing i'm planning to migrate it to some noSQL based solution. I have 2 options in mind MongoDB and CouchDB. I know that mongo support simple queries no Map Reduce things but, couch can ma...Read more

The amount of data is fair .... lets say e.g. its a students tracking application with each student full data shared on server among the app users

Finally after four days. I have made up a simple authentication system. But most of the time there was a lot of things that I need to worry about so I focused on the security risks which may happen. 1- SQL injection The worst nightmare for websites o...Read more

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