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Leo “BLÅHAJ” Xue
Thanks for sharing, I'm also interested in creating a personal file server, for which I have a few questions Since I currently have unraid installed, the reason I chose unraid was to be able to quickly add and remove hard disks and to be able to pull the hard disks out of the host machine and swap them out to another machine to read the data on them. I'd like to ask if the two software programs in your article can be used in conjunction with each other, and if multiple hard disks are used to form a pool, is it possible to pull out a single hard disk and still read and write the data on the remaining hard disks? What is the hardware configuration of your host machine? And what system are you using to install these two software and data sharing? The hardware configuration of my current unraid host is 4 core Celeron + 4gb of RAM, is this enough to configure mergerfs and snapraid as a file server? Do these two programs have high hardware requirements? In terms of your current usage, is the data security and capacity utilization of this solution high? I have 7 hard disks of different capacities, how should I configure them? (2 x 18t, 1 x 16t, 2 x 8t, 2 x 6t). These drives are mounted on many machines, 4 on unraid and windows and macOS configured for the remaining ones. If I were to set up a file server like yours, how could my existing data be transferred? What file system do you use in your OS and in these two programs? All in all, thank you for discussing with me, I have tens of tons of data that are very scattered and need to be managed, and I just came across your blog on the internet, and the content in it has been very beneficial and inspiring, and I was wondering if you have just recently started blogging and then where do you live and work? I am very happy to see the birth of your new baby and hope you and your family are well, I have subscribed to your blog. I am a high school student and would like to pursue your profession, best wishes and thank you!

You've reached the end! 👋