It's your Internet - take control. You are not a product - you are a fearless explorer on the open web. By choosing Firefox, you are standing for an Internet for the many, not the few. "But all browsers are the same...right?"

We're introducing two new tools to help maintain and grow open source communities. Recommended community standards As an open source project grows beyond code, it can be difficult to maintain new c...

Taha hishri is a programmer, innovator and an open-source enthusiast. Learn more about him, some of his projects and interests.

I'm pretty interested into how nowadays technologies function; I mean how do they evolved. I'm a curious person without answers I would like to either learn or understand old stuff, starting from binary if its possible. And I don't accept is-not-nec...Read more

Just this year we added Jest's Snapshot test cases to NativeBase and now we've added them to React Native Easy Grid.


Denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. Google


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