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Polymer Framework by Google promises that with web components, basic web apps could be assembled by less skilled developers, from pre-existing functionality, potentially even ...


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Live Coding session where I create a web component using Polymer. Feedback welcomed!!!

Using JavaScript, I am trying to store the key value of objects to use them in my layout however I please. I know the map method might be my best bet but I am having a hard time understanding how it works. Any help will be much appreciated :)

Blog With Headless CMS: App Architecture Hello fellow hashnoders! Just uploaded the second episode of my Blog with Headless CMS app. A little summary of what I am doing. I plan on making tons of mini web apps and documenting the whole process while r... Read more

After starting my first real web app I have quickly been slapped in the face with a couple of realities. Don’t reinvent the wheel. This is corny, plaid-out and overused saying but it’s fucking true! I spent 2 days trying to get a part of my app to wo...Read more

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