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Polymer Framework by Google promises that with web components, basic web apps could be assembled by less skilled developers, from pre-existing functionality, potentially even ...


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Finished my web component that I started in my last youtube live stream. Please check it out and let me know what you think. By the way, web components are awesome. ANOTHER ONE "DJ KHALED VOICE"!

Live Coding session where I create a web component using Polymer. Feedback welcomed!!!

Using JavaScript, I am trying to store the key value of objects to use them in my layout however I please. I know the map method might be my best bet but I am having a hard time understanding how it works. Any help will be much appreciated :)

Blog With Headless CMS: App Architecture Hello fellow hashnoders! Just uploaded the second episode of my Blog with Headless CMS app. A little summary of what I am doing. I plan on making tons of mini web apps and documenting the whole process while r... Read more

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