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A node targeted towards posts that are very generic in nature. These posts are meant for every software developer regardless of what their expertise is.

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​ ➡️ Github Repo is available here ⬅️ 📄 Table of contents REST API? What I will use for this introduction Development Environment Dependencies Structure Building the API routes Set up basics Create question routes Create answer routes Set up erro...Read more

I currently use C, C#, x86 assembly, Python, and now T-SQL. Never thought I'd have a job where I'd be going back and forth between all those in one day. It's awesome.

We want to better communicate the scale of Reddit to our users. Up to this point, and number of comments were the main indicators of activity on a given post. However, Reddit has many visitors that consume content without voting or commenting.

"http://2017.jsconf.eu/speakers/addy-osmani-the-browser-hackers-guide-to-instantly-loading-everything.html Venture deep into the belly of the browser to uncover the secret incantations to instantly load anything. We'll even back it up with rock-hard ... Read more

See a demo tour of new DevTools features that will allow web developers to build Progressive Web Apps, determine performance and accessibility issues via an auto-generated report, debug JavaScript apps with powerful new async stepping tools, and make... Read more

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