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Redis is an in-memory data store which is commonly used as Database, Caching layer and Message queue. It's a key value store and supports data structures like strings, ...


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I have heard that redis can cause out of memory errors.

Redis package in npm cannot connect to a redis server with requirepass securepassword field on and fails with the above error. Has anybody faced the same issue while deploying in Amazon EC2? How did you resolve it? No solution on googling as well. A...Read more

I am using hapijs for my application. And i need store response into redis for cache purpose using catbxo-redis plugin. But its showing Disconnected error. If any tried about this help me

I am doing project for my company. In that we including hapi as backend, mongodb as primary database for caching purpose redis and solr for search engine. First question, is that specification on my application is right?. My project was like a food ...Read more

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