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Redux is a predictable state container/flux implementation for JavaScript/React apps.

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Jack Franklin describes a set of tips and best practices for creating and organizing React applications in a scalable way.

If I'm building something like a dashboard application with login, is it okay to store user information (like ACL, what role the user has, etc...) in the Redux store. Are there guidelines on what should and should not be in Redux store?

Many times have I heard people asking the following: "Why is Async/Ajax in the advanced section of Redux docs? Shouldn't it be simplified and put in basics?" Async/Ajax being in the advanced section of the official documentation can make developers ... Read more

What are the different options available to persist state when we refresh React application?

I'll start building my graduation project for college in the near future. It will be a online shop and i need some assistance with choosing stack for it. At fron-end i'll use what i know(React + Redux), but i'm realy bad with back-end. I'm going to b...Read more

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