This guide is intended for people who know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at a beginner-to-intermediate level already. Covering everything beyond that: newer language features, build tools, and React in-depth.

Welcome to issue 43. This week we look at the new changes and updates in Reactjs, do frontend dev with React & Redux, handle state in Reactjs, write iPhone apps with Objective-C and much more! Grab's 500+ engineers all use this front end development ... Read more

If you're curious about what happens behind the scenes of many popular Redux routing solutions, check out this article which breaks down the problem of client-side routing with Redux and demonstrates how to approach it in a Redux-friendly manner!

Front end development has never been so complex and exciting as it is today. New tools, libraries, frameworks, and plugins emerge every other day. There is so much to learn. Fortunately our web team at Grab has been keeping up with the latest best pr... Read more

Prior to switching from Redux, we thought carefully about whether Apollo would meet our needs. Here's what we looked at when making our decision: Aggregating data from multiple sources: A match is comprised of data from 4 different sources: content f... Read more


Redux is a predictable state container/flux implementation for JavaScript/React apps.


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