Just wanted to hear opinions of many developers as to why they prefer to write classnames in a particular style. Here are the options: Hyphenated: .my-first-div Camel Case: .myFirstDiv No style: .myfirstdiv If I have missed any style, please ment...Read more

Ultra-fast bootstrapping with Angular 4 and Electron (Typescript + SASS)

How can i use a loop inside a mixin and use the index in content? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43024055/sass-how-use-a-for-in-a-mixin

Hi there, I'm still trying to figure out what kind of CSS framework/setup/tools to use in my current workflow (mainly with React SPAs), and I'm starting to get genuinely curious about the choices made by big companies. Old plain CSS? SASS/LESS? JS in...Read more


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