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System Architecture is a conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system.

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User stories are the connection between users and developers. They close the gap between human understanding and engineering. There are many articles on how to write User Stories, but none of them gave a useable practical guide. Therefore, I try to c...Read more

In this tutorial, we focus on Shard Allocation and Threadpool Configuration settings to keep our cluster's health green and improve overall performance.

I want to share a problem which I am currently facing and I will like to know if someone has faced or is facing the same. I have an obsession with refactored, maintainable and readable code. This leads me to write something and then delete it or mov...Read more

In this tutorial, we continue focusing on performance tuning strategies to keep our cluster's health green and improve overall performance.

Great (must!) read from Microsoft Office PM, about Software complexity and strategy. I really like the part about open source and new languages, but the whole is really worth the read!

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