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System Architecture is a conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system.

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This article/tutorial is intended to give readers a running start on how to write their own in-house security plugin for their elasticsearch product.

I'm working on a large application and I am just not happy with what I do at the connecting interface of my backend and frontend. It's a react app and I have flat state which is optimal for view rendering. But the backend/3rd party api require the da...Read more

Usually not needed for most of us, even in large production, because Netflix scale is another scale, but it's still stuper interesting to read and learn more about these challenges and researches!

I want to send my controller a website url and my server will fetch some details related to that site and send me back. Something similar to what this site does. How do I go about modelling this problem in restful way? I can create a WebsiteDetails c...Read more

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