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Executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs is known as Software Testing. It is normally done to detect the differences between given ...


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To enable React developers to stay in the component-based paradigm while writing e2e tests, we at TestCafe team made testcafe-react-selectors – a plugin that introduces a native approach to testing React applications. In this article, we will use Tes... Read more

TestCafe v0.15.0 ReleasedPlugins for React and Vue.js, TestCafe Docker image, support for Internet access proxies and lots of bug fixes.

Keeping flaky tests and brute-forcing them to pass defeats the purpose of testing. There is an unspoken assumption that something is wrong with the tests, and that it's fine to just rerun them. This assumption is dangerous. Who's to say that the race... Read more

Jani Hartikainen looks at testdouble.js (a new mocking library with a streamlined API) and puts it head-to-head with Sinon.js, the JS test double incumbent.

I tried to get a coverage report for my test cases, and installed istanbul, My coverage report works fine for a single test file that is in root folder, else I get “No coverage information was collected, exit without writing coverage information” My ...Read more

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