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webpack is a module bundler. It takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules. Some of its specialities include : Code Splitting, ...


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ag-Grid has partnered with webpack bringing the annual budget of webpack to $80k.

" Last week my friend Eli Perelman shared Modern JavaScript Apps with Neutrino, an awesome new Node.js tool for creating amazing apps with minimal fuss. No need to learn webpack, scour babel plugins, or search for what exactly is required to get a R... Read more

My project is basically to create or rather HTMLs from referencing a pattern library created specifically in JSX, JSON and base is reactjs as per my investigation over the web. I am fairly new in reactjs and concepts of JSX; i tried reading it on the...Read more

I'm trying to get started on writing my first open source project which happens to be a React Component. I've really been struggling understanding webpack when it comes to outputting the code for npm. I've been looking at other react-component projec...Read more

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