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Frequently asked questions:

How can I change my primary email address?

To change your primary email address, go to Profile Settings and enter new email address.

PS: Changing email address might break your OAuth sign in if your social media accounts do not use the same email address. Please use magiclink sign-in if you encounter such an issue.

How can I change my Hashnode username?
Please send an email from your registered email address on Hashnode to hello@hashnode.com. Our team will change your Hashnode username from the dashboard.
Why I am banned on Hashnode?
When your content (questions, answers, links, stories, etc.) is reported multiple times (by Hashnode members), our system shadow bans your account. You can send an email to hello@hashnode.com to request a manual review.

Hashnode team members can permanently ban your account for spamming the network or not meeting the community guidelines.
How can I work for Hashnode?
Yes, of course. We are always looking for the right fit. Head over to the careers section and apply.
Where can I change my settings on Hashnode?
How can I change my display name, tagline, bio, tech stack and more?
Why was my post delisted?
Hashnode admins and moderators may delist your post (question, story or a news), if they are not well formatted or they do not meet our community guidelines. Delisting makes the question visible only to you or users with the URL.
Why was my post deleted?
Hashnode admins can delete your posts if they are considered as spam or do not meet our community guidelines.
Where are Hashnode's privacy policy and terms of service?