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This is a safe place where you can discuss your ongoing projects, write blog posts about up-and-coming trends in software development, share what you’ve learned with the rest of community, get career advice from fellow developers, and provide feedback to others in a non-toxic, friendly environment.

Yes, this is the place where you discuss this ☝️ - everyday stuff in a coder's life

Our Story: in brief

Hashnode co-founders, Fazle and Sandeep, have known each other and been best friends for over 10 years. One day, they asked an open-ended question in one of the online dev communities they loved and participated in. While they were waiting for someone to help them out and give some advice, they received a ban because open-ended questions weren’t allowed. Needles to say, neither of them saw that coming. 🤷‍

At that moment, they realized that there were no online places where developers could freely start a discussion and expect to get an opinionated and a friendly answer. They did the only thing they could - built such a place themselves. Since day one, developers who joined Hashnode have had thousands of friendly discussions, wrote numerous blog posts, and shared the most interesting links with the rest of community. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and provide an even better environment for all the developers from all the parts of the world.

Who are we?

Hashnode was built by developers for developers. As the number of users grew, so did the team, and we are now a team of passionate developers and technophiles. Our core interests are technology, continuous improvement, and making the world a more friendlier place for programmers. ;)

Who can join Hashnode?

Hashnode is a place for all software developers and technocrats who keep interest in programming.

Our mission

We are building a community of software developers, collaborating together to build an open and inclusive environment.