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Kevin Owocki Founder, Blockchain (Ethereum/Solidity) Developer, and Serial Entrepreneur

12th November 2018, 7:00 pm

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I recently listened to some talks where people claimed that we need regulations in order for cryptocurrencies to become widely accepted. What is your opinion about this? Do regulations mean that there can be no true decentralized system?

i dont know anything about this subject matter, so i'm afraid i can't comment.

Hey Kevin, thanks for the AMA. 馃檪

Which are your favourite projects with bounties on Gitcoin?

i have a soft spot for metamask. they were the first wallet to get mass adoption, and i use their product every day.

decentraland has done a few bounties with us and had some good success. i was initially worried that no one on the platform would have unity/VR skills, but i was pleasantly wrong about that!

and obviously, it's dope that the ethereum foundation itself has done bounties with us. whatever we can do to support them pushing the ecosystem forward is 馃挴

Hey Kevin, Are you still looking for a Content & Customer Experience Manager? I happen to be a Consensys employee starting to look around for an exciting new opportunity.

Sup Jimmy.

Yes we are still looking, but I am not the hiring manager for that -- my cofounder Vivek is. Shoot us an email: [email protected]

Why do you think ICOs aren't the best funding model?

Broadly speaking, I think that the Ethereum community is BUIDLing a world computer and open source financial system, and that ICOs are just the first killer app. I think there will be many more standards and killer dapps, and those with a long time horizon can/should keep their eyes on them as they emerge. I'm excited about ERC 721, 1081, and 1337 specifically.

Specific to Gitcoin, we are privileged to have Joe Lubin / Consensys backing us.. so we don't need to make any moves on the funding side immediately.

In an alternative universe in which we'd done an ICO, we'd have to spend a lot of our raise on regulatory compliance. And many hodlers of our token would be speculators.

Given this wiggle room where we don't have to worry about funding, we've chosen to focus no product. And the members of our slack community are developers, not speculators.

I cover this a little more in depth at :

Makes sense, thanks!

Hey Kevin,

Can you describe your average day at work?

Hey Wang,

Im a big fan of this maker time manager time blog post ( )

I do calls on Tuesday/Thursday (manager time).

MWF is for coding and generally jamming on deep work. (or.. more recently.. responding to zillions of slack/email questions, and coding time is pushed to nights after my kid goes to sleep or weekends)

How do you explain the concept of gitcoins to a newbie, so he understands what he stands to gain alongside the concepts it portrays

gitcoin is a place that you can do software development work in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Do you plan to accept any other currencies besides Ethereum for bounties?

we support any ERC20 (ethereum - based) token.

in the future, i'd love to integrate other blockchains, starting with bitcoin. one nice property of ethereum is that gitcoin core never has access to your funds, because they are locked into a smart contract. gitcoin doesnt want to be a money transmitter, so if we can figure out some sort of chain abstraction layer that can do something similar with bitcoin, that'd be preferable.

Do you think with better projects have started to come to the Blockchain ecosystem? What's your opinion on the current state of decentralised apps?

Do you think with better projects have started to come to the Blockchain ecosystem?

what do you mean by 'better'?

What's your opinion on the current state of decentralised apps?

i think we're in the first inning of a 9 inning game. its been forever since i played baseball, am i saying that right ? :)

one thing that needs to improve is UX. theres too many steps to get fiat into ETH and to backup your seed phrase / etc. my friend and colleague, austin griffith, who just joined gitcoin as director of research, is working on this =>

one question i have is whether users will interact with their private keys or if itll all just be hidden behind a web 2.0 interface. will blockchain be in the front of a browser or in the back? will users have to learn key core primitives, like how when the web came around we learned about the back / home buttons... will users learn what a private key is and how to send coins right in their browser? do they care about decentralization?

Why did you start Gitcoin?

open source powers billions of dollars a year in economic activity yet has little to no financial support outside of corporate sponsorship. our mission is to grow and sustain open source. heres a little sales-ey page we typed up about this

How many US dollar worth Gitcoin tokens have been distributed to Open Source Projects till date?

Gitcoin is not a token! I knew I was going to get this question, but I had it coming since I named the project Gitcoin. Gitcoin is a place where you GIT coins, not a token itself. Checkout

Also checkout -- we've distributed about $400k this year to OSS devs.

How many open source projects are active members of Gitcoin ecosystem?

Checkout for more stats

Since its launch in November 2017, Gitcoin has helped 251 funders reach an audience of 15,223 developers. Gitcoin has facilitated 2,212 complete transactions to 633 unique coders.