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Preethi Kasireddy

Blockchain Engineer, Founder & CEO Schelling



Syed Fazle Rahman

1w · Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Hi Preethi, Thanks for the AMA.

What is Schelling? When can we expect detailed information about the company? :)


Gergely Polonkai

1w · You have to believe in things that are not true. How else would they become?

What’s your average workday like?


Susan Dinglesen

1w · JavaScript Hacker

Does Blockchain technology add real value and can it survive a potential bursting of the crypto bubble?


Jennifer Carlson

1w · TypeScript fanatic

What's your advice for the beginner Devs/General public trying to learn Blockchain technologies?

Hi Preethi,

my question is that :

Let say, i created a bunch of smart contract and deployed them on any existing blockchain technology. what if i want to change one of the smart contract due to any flaw/security issue/any addition to it, as i know smart contracts are immutable. So changing them would be not possible, but still, is there a way to update the smart contract.


I would like to learn blockchain and want to implement the blockchain into my existing php application.

I was totally confused and still struck with where to start and how to implement.

Please help me :(

What do you think is a priority to make a general adoption of the blockchain-related technologies by non-blockchain native businesses ? Do you think that smart contracts are suitable anywhere we wish to formalize economic terms between parts ?

As a developer working on technologies such as, C#, javascript etc, where would one start learning blockchain and understand its use cases?


Andrei Balmus

6d · Front End Developer

How Blockchain technology coexists with banks?

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