Taylor Otwell

Taylor is the creator of Laravel, one of the most popular and free open source PHP frameworks

6th April 2018, 4:00 am

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what are your main "current" inspirations to create new features for Laravel? Rails, Django, Symfony, Zend, Micro-frameworks, express.js... other?

Hmm, I feel like major new features have slowed down across all frameworks as they have matured. However, I think I still keep an eye on Rails the most, as well as the things that Zeit are doing.

Can you tell what are the last thing that you are looking for Laravel that come/came from Rails?

What do you think about AdonisJS? Inspired from Laravel. Built on top of NodeJS.

It looks good; however, I haven't used it yet.

If you could easily add or change 3 features of Laravel with the wave of a magic wand. What would they be ?

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is that I wish Closures were more easily serializable in PHP. Most Laravel features I am pretty happy with overall.

People say Laravel shouldn't be used for enterprise/large apps, instead they suggest frameworks like .net and spring/ee. What do you think about this? How would you approach making an enterprise/large laravel app? Thanks for Laravel!

A proficient developer can build large applications using Laravel. I don't think there is anything in Laravel that is holding you back from building these types of applications. In fact, features such as the container, queue, broadcasting are great for enterprise applications.

I have lots of ideas for side projects, open source etc, but often get distracted by a new idea rather than staying focused on 1 project. Any tips for staying focused.

I think you just have to find that one special project that captures your attention permanently. They are hard to find IMO.

Hi Taylor!

How do you see Laravel in 5 years?

I hope we can continue to simplify developer's lives and make coding even more enjoyable!

Can we ever expect to get some "under the hood" for Forge and Envoyer (structure, code snippets, etc...)? It would be great to further know how the creator creates using his own creation.

According to you, among the folks at the Laravel community, who do you think the Rocket League god is? And,

What in the sweet universe does the word "Laravel" mean?

I think seeing behind the scenes of Forge and Envoyer would be fun for the community, but would probably be surprisingly boring :) ... they are both fairly basic Laravel applications that use the typical Laravel features.

I am definitely not the Rocket League god... that's for sure. I'm terrible.

"Laravel" doesn't have any particular meaning. I just thought it sounded cool!

Haha, thanks for the answers.

Enum fields are a pain in Laravel. Is it possible that we can soon validate against the values of an enum? Something like 'required|in_enum' would be great.

Another thing that is much needed is to populate a select tag with the values of an enum field. By the way, I use a lot of collective.

In migrations, modifying a table with enum fields gives a lot of trouble and I think that is essential

Will we see tailwindcss and laravel together instead of bootstrap css?

It's possible, but Bootstrap still has a lot of mind-share and familiarity with developers. But, maybe one day it will be an option :)

Async those days became very popular because of Node.js and there is now ReactPHP. Do you plan to use async in php and maybe make a socket server integrated with Laravel in PHP itself?

On a day to day basis how much influence does Drake have on your code and how does he factor into desicions you make?

What do you think of the criticisms of PHP? People have claimed PHP to be a fractal of bad designs.

It probably is poorly designed, to be honest. However, it's still incredibly approachable and easy to deploy. I think modern frameworks also make it much more enjoyable.

What is your inspiration, how do you find the time or energy/ motivation to keep coding for a long time? Or how do you keep yourself from burning out with programming?

I just try to work on the things that interest me. I still spend much of my time coding framework features that are scratching my own itch. So, that keeps me interested.

Thanks for creating Laravel, a simple yet incredibly powerful framework!

I would love to receive more Laravel Tip, the latest email was "Valuable Tests" two months ago, I hope it's not the last one.

I ran out of tips for the time being! I have few ideas for new ones though. Stay tuned!

Have you thought of changing the Laravel Release Cycle?

I'd be curious to see if you took a poll on users who update to the latest version of Laravel and ask them if they commonly update with every release or every other release.

The reason I ask is that I typically upgrade to the latest version of Laravel a couple months after a release, but since I know the next release is right around the corner, I'll often hold off until the next release.

Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for doing this AMA, very cool 鉁岋笍

I just follow the Symfony release schedule since we use 7-8 of their components. So, I don't think we will be changing the schedule anytime soon.

Hi Taylor, Can you please tell us, How did you acquire so thorough knowledge in PHP & Oop? Is it after years of experience or lots of books reading? Please give few recommendations. Thanks so much.

I don't think I am particularly talented at programming. I think I have a low pain tolerance for complexity and an interest in simplifying things.

Do you know about Swoole PHP? It is an asynchronous framework written in C for PHP. If you have what are your thoughts on it? Do you think we need to break away from the traditional LAMP stack for PHP?

I'm not familiar with Swoole.

Hi Taylor,

Nice to meet you. Why should one use PHP in 2018? Do you think Laravel is the only thing saving PHP right now?

I think PHP is still the most approachable back-end language for most people. It's easy to write, easy to run, and easy to deploy (in general). I don't think Laravel is the only thing saving PHP but it did definitely inject some fresh life into the langauge in my opinion. I think many, many people were interested in switching to Rails until Laravel became a viable alternative.

Hey Taylor, Nice to see you hosting AMA.

In your opinion, how can a developer grow with respect to technicality and better life?

And what do you consider "the growth of a programmer" ? Is it about being better in coding or understanding architectures or leading others or contributing into something bigger?

I think a programmer is growing when they are no longer superstitious and they are able to weigh trade-offs. Many growing programmers read important programming texts and become somewhat obsessed with a silver bullet or magic architecture that will make all of their code clean and pure and holy. It doesn't exist. Not in PHP and not in any other language I've seen.

What's the current roadmap for Laravel? Can you tell us any features you're working on for the framework? What would you like to see as a feature?

Right now I am working on a new first-party package for Laravel. I hope to debut it at Laracon US.

I see you're playing with serverless/ AWS fargate lately, are you cooking up anything for Laravel using these?

I'm interested in the technology and have been exploring it for future ideas, but don't have anything concrete cooking yet.

What strengths does PHP have in a broader environment of programming languages and frameworks for tasks that don't necessarily touch any part of the frontend stack or presentation鈥攂esides the fact that there's indeed a lot of people that use PHP today and it's admittedly nice tooling鈥攊n a microservices world? Do you keep track of growth stats for Lumen vs. Laravel? Is this something that interests you in any way?

I think the package like "Nexmo SMS" need to be sepreted from laravel!

this is not comptable to me: that have "company package" and the alternative way was very low quality docomanted with alot of missisng details as you can compare :

in the future can will be enjoy laravel without any "company packages"/ "non-opensource" with high quality of Documentation focused for developer (humen) as defualt ?

First, I just wanted to say thank you for creating Laravel. I can't even imagine how difficult it was to get it where it is today. Your work ethic, coding style, and how you approach web development are an inspiration to me.

  1. Can you remember a specific moment when you realized that Laravel was going to be huge or was it more of a gradual process?

  2. If you could make everyone who wants to contribute to open source follow one rule, what would it be?

Could you provide a history of how you learned to program so well? I continue to be amazed at the breadth of knowledge that you and Jeffrey Way have across so many topics. Both of you do a great job breaking down complex problems. Additionally, you approach problems in such a well-structured, analytical manner. What were your key learning resources that helped you develop your current skill set? Key Books? Key mentors? Key training resources? Recommended learning path based on your own experience? How do you approach learning in general? What technical skills do you think are the most beneficial to you as a developer and allow you to be so productive?

Taylor, can't thank you enough for everything you've done both for my career and also the world of PHP in general. I've been using Laravel since 2013 and it has been my path forward to grow as a developer.

I just finished a stint working in the .net world, definitely feel like I've experienced some of the advantages and limitations that likely motivated you to make Laravel. Mostly want to thank you, but I'm also curious -- what are your thoughts on the peachpie compiler? Think it'd be neat to see Laravel routing to C# classes? ;)

San Diego? Did you like it?

Is it in the running for Laracon 2019?

Hey Taylor, I am a huge fan of yours and your work. I am a CS graduate trying to get into web development. I have recently found this github repository developer-roadmap being tossed around a lot and I have been following the backend roadmap from there. What do you think about this?

You always need to manage any society and social groups, especially at such scale, otherwise, things can become really bad.

Laravel community has grown to a global level. How much spam do you receive and do you see any other problems in the community? Have you been thinking about finding community admins and moderators or even make this community vote for them itself like StackOverflow does? It is physically impossible to process so many requests, feedback, proposals and provide good support.

What about official list of top local Laravel communities and their leaders/contacts around the world on Laravel website itself?

I鈥檓 a begginer programmer who changed from c# and . Net framwork to php recently , Whats your advise to me ?

In 2018 Why Laravel and not Ruby on Rails?

Laravel is amazing. Thank you for your hard work in building out the framework and ecosystem around it. Do you have any additional ideas or thoughts on how to increase Laravel adoption in the enterprise space? What do you see as future pieces of the Laravel ecosystem? What are your biggest needs and what do you feel are the community鈥檚 biggest needs to push things to the next level?

Are there any plans for official packages / drivers / language bridges to make Laravel more suitable out of the box for machine learning applications? From a performance standpoint, PHP probably isn't the best for number crunching and it would probably make more sense to hand these tasks off to java or python.

What would you change/add in PHP and do you see this language can become "great again" (It's not most popular choice those days for web dev as per opened jobs globally)?

How can I help you?

Hi Taylor, Need suggestion to build multi tenant application approach to build it with Laravel

Are there any plans for more JSON API support in Laravel new releases? Both in Error/Exception handling and maybe support with using API Resources?

Hey Taylor!

How does your average day look like? How long do you code each day? What keeps you motivated?

What are your thoughts on Tailwind? Do you see the framework switching Bootstrap for Tailwind at some point?

Thanks for AMA.

How did you get the idea of Laravel Initially? What did you develop first in Laravel? How did you decide structure of Laravel framework initially?

What are you working on right now?

Stripe just released a new feature for billing oriented to SAAS apps ( Are you planning to update spark to use this new model?

Hey Taylor!

Thanks for all your awesome work on the Laravel framework and associated Laravel projects. I love using the framework and how it makes me feel so empowered as a developer, building things!

I was wondering if you could speak a bit on how you approach/think about when you need to enhance a PHP class's functionality, what decisions lead you to go with extending a class, implementing an interface and/or using traits (an example could be the User model). It's something I struggle with in deciding how to make my code more versatile.

I was going to see if this could be a nice Laravel Tips topic, but since you're doing the AMA, figured I'd ask here :)


How can i use Scout with MySQL ? Is it possible? And if not then do laravel will provide it in future?

Hi Taylor. Thanks for all the great stuff. Here is the question: If you had to start learning from scratch where would you start and what steps would you take ?

How did you get into tech ?

How to get really good at programming? I've been following you (through Jeffrey Way) for a long time. :)

I'm a big follower/fan from Port-au-Prince, Haiti by the way. Cheers!

Hi Taylor

Any chance for Laracon Asia?

What will be the future of PHP? As more front-end frameworks going to take care of server-side as well on the back-end?

What kind of non-technical goals do you have for your life? Things that you want to do/accomplish that have nothing to do with development.

What do you think of the PHP vs. Node.JS argument, can you give an opinion on this?

As a Junior-Mid level developer I'd love to know what key features or aptitudes you look for when searching for a new developer. To the other people, ICYMI, Laravel is hiring!!

Is "Cloud" still a work in progress or should we not ask yet 馃槈

Best tips for a developer that have never used PHP and wants to learn Laravel?

Best tips for a semi junior to become a good senior?

First all the thanks for great framework!!. What is the future of PHP as there are lots of other frameworks and languages are in Markets and People are moving from PHP to Node.js and Go?

What do you think about that :

(Rasmus Lerdorf : PHP Frameworks all suck ! ~ 2013)

and what we need to do with laravel to reduse the problem ?

Hi Taylor, I've been using PHP for 6 years now & Laravel since 3 years. How do you see the future of Web Programming / PHP & Laravel in coming years? Considering the popularity of Python, AI, ML. Do you think that PHP & Laravel will be able to keep up? Or will it stay relevant to the small business owners or small applications?

I'm sorry, this is too typical of myself but looking at python trend i feel i have to learn it, to stay relevant in market. I just need an advice that should PHP developers be worried?

Taylor Very Good work with Laravel, It's because of Laravel & Laracasts i easily learned OOP. And eventually fell in love with PHP.

You're my inspiration!

Any plans to expand Forge to be a cleaner sort of UI wrapper for AWS?

How do you come up with such creative solutions to API design? e.g. pages and shorthand selectors in Dusk, form requests in L5.

What does the Forge &/or Envoyer stack look like? In reference to the # of servers, the power behind them, and also how much data is now stored in the databases/files for Forge &/or Envoyer?

Also, do you use Forge, Envoyer, or a combination of the two for all of your projects?

Would you like your children to be programmers?

Will there ever be a way to start queue:listen or queue:work within laravel and without console? For example by starting it within a controller, triggered with a post request or something similar? And then have a new command to stop it again, once needed?

Does it bother you that people assume you are all knowing? How do you deal with repetitive questions?

I am working on porting a large open source project to Laravel. It has been a long and wild ride. Thanks for Laravel.

Is there a reason Laravel doesn't have a built in scaffolding feature like Rails?

Hey taylor!, my name is Christopher Chance, I'm a fullstack developer specialized in Laravel, I'm 14 years old and I've been developing since I was 8 years old, I wanted to consult the following: Have you planned that the important changes would be in laravel 6?

Any plans to make Forge compatible with other OSs besides Ubuntu (e.g. CentOS)?

Thanks for AMA.

Curious to know how did you get the idea of Laravel? What was your first development in Laravel? How did you decide architecture of the Laravel?

How to create SPA with Vue.js and Laravel?

How do you manage so many different open source projects alongside closed source ones? What is the process? What can be improved?