Community Guidelines

TL;DR — If you are unsure of any act, please ponder a bit if it contributes in anyway to make this community better; refrain when the answer skews to “no”.

Hashnode is a community of people who are passionate about software. We have put together a small list of guidelines in order to keep the quality of content high, and to offer a better experience to everyone involved.

  • Inspire <> Be Inspired. If you have developed something cool, we encourage you to share it on Hashnode, to ask for feedback, and to inspire other creators.
  • Take part in discussions. One of the best ways to stand out in the community is by passing on your knowledge, and insights through your answers, and replies.
  • Ask great questions. Well-written questions, with great titles, tend to get more upvotes, observe better participation, and the asker is all the more rad for being key in driving a great discussion.
  • Write interesting articles. Share your experiences, and opinions on technologies you’ve used; tips and tricks for a better developer experience, etc… Writing a article can be challenging, but it sure is rewarding to realise the impact you leave on thousands of developers.
  • Always tag your content. Tagging your questions, stories, and links, with relevant nodes is of paramount importance to give your post the maximum visibility, it deserves.
  • Because it is a community of people who are interested about software development, make sure whatever you share is in one or more ways, related to software development.
  • Follow the 1:10 rule for link submissions. We encourage you to share your blog posts, GitHub projects, etc...; however try to avoid doing it a lot. As a rule of thumb, for every link submission, containing your own content; try to have 9 quality submissions which aren't yours.
  • What everyone hates is spam. Content containing spam will be delisted by the moderators. This includes stories, links, without any quality material, pointing to third-party websites, posted just for the sake of promotional purposes.
  • Be helpful, and understanding. As developers, we’ll always have differences in opinions with the myriad of approaches to arrive at a solution to a problem. So, when you are participating in discussions, try to be helpful, and understanding; and try not to get carried away, and take anything personally.
  • Have fun. You’re awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you any different! Have a great time on Hashnode.


Here are some of the questions we’ve received over time, if you don’t find the question that you want to have answered, please mail us at:

Sharing on Hashnode

  • Can I promote my product here?

    If your product is related to software developers, and software development in general, feel free to share a link, and ask for feedback.

  • Do you reserve the rights to delete my article?

    In short, yes!

    Articles are meant for sharing your experiences, and opinions on technologies you’ve worked with, tips and tricks you use for a better developer experience, etc… To keep the quality bar high, we will delist the articles which don’t contribute any quality insights, for the readers.

  • Can I showcase my GitHub repos / CodePen snippets, and ask for feedback?

    Absolutely. You are more than welcome! :)

  • Can I share short URLs, and/or affiliate links on Hashnode?

    Short URLs, and/or affiliate links are treated as spam, and all such links will be delisted.

  • Why is my answer/comment collapsed?

    Answers/comments which are poorly written, which don’t contribute anything meaningful to a discussion, will be collapsed.

  • Do you support non-English content?

    At this point we have support only for the English language. Please write your answers, comments, and posts in English only.

Features of Hashnode

  • I love Hashnode. How do I invite my friends?

    We love you back. Click on the “❤️” icon present on the top navigation bar, to invite your friends.

  • Can I create a new community?

    Whenever you tag a post with a community, it will be automatically created if it doesn't already exist in the system.

  • How can I become the manager of a community?

    You can request for being a manager of a community from that particular node's page.

    Community managers have the moderation power to change the look and feel of a particular community, and have the say in what does, and doesn’t belong in their community.

  • How can I host an AMA on Hashnode?

    We conduct AMAs with influencers, and popular tech companies. If you want to host one, please send us an email to: