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The interface for your database

View, update, and visualize your data collaboratively, without needing to be a database expert.

By registering to this hackathon you are giving permission to Hashnode to send you Hackathon details over email.


Sept 1 - Oct 1


Ends in


Devs registered

Rewards and prizes

Grand winner

Build an innovative open source app with Outerbase

$5,000 USD

+ Outerbase swag, Hashnode T-shirt and mug.

3 runner-ups each

Best plugin: The best plugin

$1,000 USD

+ Outerbase swag, Hashnode T-shirt and mug.

3 runner-ups each

Best commands: Highest number of integrations

$1,000 USD

+ Outerbase swag, Hashnode T-shirt and mug.

About Outerbase

Hackathon dates:

September 1 - Oct 1

Sept 1 - Oct 1

Outerbase enables everyone to have access to the data they need, through their intuitive spreadsheet-like experience.

Learn more about Outerbase

Take control of your data with Commands. Outerbase's Commands allow you to easily create a workflow of data and code in your favorite language whether it's TypeScript, JavaScript, or Python.

Hackathon dates:

September 1 - Oct 1

Sept 1 - Oct 1

Querying your data has never been easier. Using EZQL users can query their data without having to write a single line of SQL.

Are you prepared to embrace the challenge and code at the Outerbase Hackathon?

How to participate


Sign up on Outerbase.


Build an open-source app using Outerbase. Looking for inspiration? Check out the app ideas below!


Launch your app by publishing an article on your Hashnode blog - no blog yet? Set it up here.


Include your Github repository and mention the domains of Outerbase and Hashnode in your project article.


Tag the article with #Outerbase and #OuterbaseHackathon hashtags! This is how we track who's in.


Share your article on social media and tag @hashnode and @Outerbase so we can spread the love!


We're thrilled that you're interested in participating in the #Outerbase #BaseJam hosted by Hashnode, and we look forward to seeing what you build. Here are some resources to help get you started:

Get Started with Outerbase

Learn more

Outerbase Examples Repo

Visit GitHub

Get Started with Outerbase

Learn more

Outerbase Examples Repo

Visit GitHub

Outerbase Community

Join now

Hashnode Discord server

Join now

Outerbase Youtube channel

Watch tutorials

App Ideas for the Basejam

X / Threads / New Social Network

Build a better X (formerly Twitter) now that the current one is starting to have run its course.

Expense Tracker

Track how much you are spending and create alerts if you go over a certain budget.


Create a simple form that populates the connected database.

Blog Platform

Create a simple blog cms using tables and commands.

Todo List

An app to track your daily progress and stay on top of all of your tasks.

Meal Planner

Track your food and your goals in one place, and notify you go over your daily limits.

Database Table/Column Plugins

Calendar View

Create a calendar view for your data that can be sorted by your field of choosing

Kanban View

View your data as records on a kanban board for project planning

Map Preview

See where your addresses are on a map view (integrate with google or open maps)

File Import

Allow users to import files to S3 and link to them from their database

URL Link

Allow users to navigate to URLs in their data directly from their table view

Language Translation

Automatically convert foreign languages into your language of choice, could use an LLM or other technology.

New Outerbase Commands for the Basejam

Slack Message

Utilize the Slack API to send messages to Slack workspaces

Shopify Integration

Integrate with the Shopify API to view store details

Mailgun Integration

Utilize the Mailgun API to send emails

Twilio SMS

Utilize the Twilio API to send SMS messages

Stripe Integration

Integrate with the Stripe API to track payments

Evaluation Criteria

Product thinking

Usefulness of the project in a real-world scenario.

Project completeness

How complete are the features implemented?


The overall look, layout, color usage, and positioning in the application.

Driving Impact

How does your solution differentiate from the competition?


Is your solution fully fleshed out or have you taken shortcuts to deliver it?

Completeness of the article

The blog should cover all aspects of your project. What inspired you to create this project? What problem does the project address? How did you build it?

Best delivery of presentation

📹️ is key to delivering a great presentation. Show us how you built your hackathon entry and how it aptly solves a problem.


The overall look, layout, color usage, and positioning in the application.

Hackathon best practices


If possible, share a demo video of your project.


If possible, share login demo credentials.


In your article, explain why and how you used Outerbase in your project.


Don't be afraid to write a lengthier article! It's better to cover all the aspects of your project rather than leave some features outside!

Have questions or concerns?

If you get stuck or have questions, please let our team know! We're available and ready to help. You can reach us by:

  • Asking a question on the Hashnode Discord server. Use the #Outerbase-Hackathon channel.
  • Join us on the Outerbase Community server.
  • Join us for our Workshop session taking place September 13th, 8:30pm IST | 8am PDT, set up a reminder here.

Testimonials from past winners

Boost your skills and confidence

Participating in this Hackathon was a highly valuable experience as a self-taught software developer.

It provided an excellent platform to showcase my skills and coding abilities in a public setting. The Hackathon boosted my confidence and reaffirmed my passion for software development.

Abdulrasaq Jamiu Adewuyi

Abdulrasaq Jamiu Adewuyi

Netlify and ClerkDev Hackathon

When building my pet projects, I used to get bored and leave them in between. Hackathons on Hashnode create a competitive environment that hits me every moment to keep building it and take it to the finish line.

We also get constructive reviews on the hackathons' blogs on Hashnode that motivates us to make the product better. Other than that I bought a Fujifilm XT-3 camera from the prize money of my last win.

Estee Tey

Akhil Gautam

The Epic Hashnode Writeathon

Participating in 'The Epic Writeathon' was an Epic experience for me because I got to build, write, and read the amazing articles from other participants.

I encourage all newcomers to take part in future Hashnode hackathons.



Learn about new tech stacks 🔥

I really enjoyed participating in the Hackathon, I think it's a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and tools.

David Fernandez Ortiz

David Fernandez Ortiz
divider shadow

Frequently asked questions

By participating in this hackathon, you agree to the rules laid out here. Please read them carefully before proceeding. All projects submitted in this hackathon should be open source with MIT or other standard open-source licenses.

Hackathon ends in

Get ready to score big at the Outerbase hackathon!