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Hashnode's Referral Program

Earn $500 by referring companies to use Hashnode Headless CMS! Help us connect with potential customers aiming to transform their blogging experience and earn rewards in the process.

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How It Works


Find an enterprise in your network in need of a purpose-built Headless CMS for their blogging.


Connect us with a decision-maker at the enterprise via email.


Once they purchase a Hashnode license, you receive $500 instantly.

Start referring now 🎁By referring companies to Hashnode, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Hashnode's Referral Program.

Why Hashnode Headless CMS?

Inline commenting

Highlight text and leave comments making it easier to share feedback to teammates

Realtime collaboration

Collaborate with your team realtime

Markdown WYSIWYG Editor

Craft and manage content effortlessly with our markdown editor, designed for devs and technical writers.

GraphQL Superpower

Full GraphQL support lets you build and deploy on any stack, anywhere, with ease.

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Frequently asked questions

Success Stories

“After transitioning our blog from various platforms to Headless Hashnode, we've seen remarkable improvements. Hashnode's post editor outshines others like dev.to and Medium in ease and functionality. The seamless integration with our CMS allows us to maintain our blog under the same domain as our main website, designed with Webflow, ensuring link structure continuity, especially in our '/blog' subdirectory.

A key feature for us is GitHub compatibility, which empowers our open-source community to contribute to our blog through pull requests. Plus, every post we publish instantly taps into the vast Hashnode community.

A special shoutout to the Hashnode team for their exceptional support and swift responsiveness. They've been instrumental in our seamless transition and ongoing success.“

Costa Tin

Costa Tin

Marketing Lead, MindsDB

“Headless Hashnode presents an innovative approach to blog management. The well-documented GraphQL APIs make it straightforward to build and deploy a blog, and using Hashnode as our blog CMS offers an authoring experience that's a pleasure to use without sacrificing customizability. It's a win-win for both developers and content creators.“

Doris H.

Doris H.

Developer Advocate, Fix

“Hashnode's Headless APIs are amazing. I needed a way to easily write content, I wasn't interested in building an entire blogging platform or settling for a cookie cutter solution. They handle all of the technical details on the backend, making it simple for me to customize the frontend to match my brand. And their GraphQL Playground was really helpful and intuitive, making the entire process a breeze!”

Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon Strittmatter

Co-founder, Outerbase
Start referring now 🎁By referring companies to Hashnode, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Hashnode's Referral Program.