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tl;dr: use unicode in your domain to get a phishing site, which looks correct in the address bar and can even get a valid-cert symbol! SCARY

Tutorial on how to safely enable WordPress SVG support by utilizing sanitization upon upload. Take advantage of the smaller and scalable image files to enhance your branding.

Nearly three years have passed since Google announced it would offer an end-to-end encryption add-on for Gmail, a potentially massive shift in the privacy options of a piece of software used by more than a billion people. It still hasn't materialized... Read more

I often see articles in the news about vulnerabilities that were reported on concerned this or that useful and widespread app, but sometimes struggle to track down a technical overview of the security vulnerability itself in order to understand what ...Read more

Read the article on Medium or Github as well. During my web development learning experience I stumbled very often over Amazon Web Services but never really understood what it's capabilities are. The following article contains a starting point on what...Read more

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