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30 Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You

30 Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You

Here are 30 web developer portfolios that will give you all the inspiration you need to create your own portfolio or improve your existing portfolio.

Edidiong Asikpo (Didi)
·Apr 13, 2021·

5 min read

A portfolio can serve as a modern-day CV. It can help you access tons of opportunities, showcase your work, inspire other developers and also help you keep track of all the things you've been able to achieve in your tech career.

Despite all the benefits of having a portfolio, most developers don't have one because they don't know what to include, leave out or say about themselves in their portfolio.

If you are struggling with this, here are 30 web developer portfolios that will give you all the inspiration you need to create your own portfolio or improve your existing portfolio.

1. Bruno Simon,

Bruno Simon's Portfolio

Bruno was a former lead developer at Immersive Garden. Now, he works as a creative developer and freelancer.

Do you want to know the ins and outs of running a successful freelance business as a developer? Read this article.

2. Adeola Adeoti,

Adeola Adeoti's Portfolio

Adeola is a design-minded front-end developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Brittany Chiang,

Brittany Chiang's Portfolio

Brittany is a Boston-based software engineer who specializes in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences.

4. Jacek Jeznach,

Jacekjeznach's Portfolio

Jacek is a Front-End Developer located in Poland who has a passion for UI effects, animations, and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences.

5. Cassie Evans,

Cassie Evans Portfolio

Cassie is a Front-end developer at Clearleft who loves to make fun, interactive things with code.

6. Olaolu Olawuyi,

Olaolu Olawuyi's Portfolio

Olaolu is an expert Frontend developer and UX Engineer. He designs quality, user-friendly and scalable products regardless of the stack.

7. Gift Egwuenu,

Gift Egwuenu

Gift is a front-end developer passionate about making the web accessible to everyone and advocating building open and inclusive developer communities.

8. Adenekan,

Adenekan Portfolio

Adenekan is a Frontend developer and Javascript engineer, who loves Pop Music & Jazz.

9. Adham Dannaway,

Adham Dannawa Portfolio

Adham is a UI/UX product designer & part-time frontend developer based in sunny Sydney, Australia.

10. Lindsey,

Lindsey's Portfolio

Lindsey is a self-taught web developer. She helps developers get the hang of accessibility, write better code, and empower them to build an exclusive internet through her blog.

11. Anurag Hazra,

Anurag Hazra' Portfolio

Anurag Hazra is a passionate self-taught frontEnd web developer from India, currently working at as a FrontEnd engineer.

12. Will Boyd,

Will's profile

Will Boyd is a software engineer in Atlanta focused on the front-end of the web.

13. Monica Lent,

Monica's Blog.png

Monica Lent is a software engineer and founder of the Blogging For Devs community.

14. Jhey Tompkins,

Jhey Tompkins's Portfolio

Jhey is a freelance web developer who loves to brings ideas to life with web technologies.

15. Jennifer Opal,

Jennifer's blog.png

Jennifer is a DevOps Engineer, Multi-Award Winning Technologist, and Engineer.

16. Seyi,

Seyi's Portfolio

Seyi is a Software Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria focused on branding, building interactive experiences & creating emotions through design and technology.

17. Oluwakemi Adeleke,

Oluwakemi Adeleke's Portfolio

Oluwakemi Adeleke is a professional and talented Product Designer with front end development skills.

18. Kenneth Jimmy,

Kenneth Jimmy's Portfolio

Kenneth is a programmer, designer, and chess lover!

19. Lynn Fisher,

Lynn Fisher

Lynn Fisher is a Busan-born, American artist known for her work on the web. After attending art school in Arizona, she began working as a designer and CSS developer in software consulting.

20. Jason Lengstorf,

Jason Lengstorf Portfolio

Jason Lengstorf works at Netlify and hosts Learn With Jason. He is trying his very best to follow his own advice.

21. Josh Comeau,

Josh Comeau's Portfolio

Josh loves to share helpful content for front-end web devs. He is an Indie hacker and instructor at Concordia Bootcamps.

22. Monica Dinculescu,

Monica Dinculescu's Portfolio

Monica Dinculescu is a Senior Engineer at Google, where she works on Magenta.

23. Tinashe Makuti,

Tinashe Makuti's Portfolio

Tinashe Makuti is a software developer and data engineer from Zimbabwe but currently based in Nice France.

24. Adaora Nwodo,

Adaora Nwodo's Portfolio

Adaora Nwodo is a Software Engineer passionate about education, technology & music.

25. Dan Spratling,

Dan Spratling's Portfolio

Dan Spratling is a user experience consultant working with teams around the world to help create outstanding websites.

26. Annie,

Annie's Portfolio

Annie is passionate about bringing both the technical and visual aspects of digital products to life.

27. Robb,

Robb's Portfolio

Robb is a developer, designer, and linguist who has been building for the web in some capacity since 2001.

28. Jemima Abu,

Jemima Abu's Portfolio

Jemima is a self-taught Front End Developer that builds websites with a focus on responsive design and accessibility.

29. Michael Pumo,

Michael's Portfolio

Michael enjoys working closely with design teams to faithfully translate their designs right down to the last pixel.

30. Braydon Coyer,

Braydon Coyer's Portfolio

Braydon is a senior full-stack engineer, creative coder, and self-proclaimed designer who has a passion for the front-end spectrum.


I hope this article gave you the inspiration you need to build your portfolio or improve your existing portfolio. If yes, implement what you've learned, share your new or updated portfolio with me on Twitter via @didicodes.

If you found this article useful, I'd really appreciate it if you share this article with your network too. 💛

This article wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people who responded to the tweet I made yesterday. Thank you all for responding. 😃