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I am Arthur Breitman. Ask me anything.

I am Arthur Breitman. Ask me anything.

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Arthur B.
·Oct 26, 2018

Arthur Breitman is one of the co-founders of Tezos, a blockchain platform which provides smart contracts, has built-in governance system, and facilitates formal verification. Unlike the majority of blockchain platforms, it uses the delegated proof of stake consensus.

Prior to Tezos, Arthur worked at X (previously known as Google X), the self-driving car division. He comes with great knowledge of technology, blockchain, and programming. Don't miss out the opportunity and ask the questions.

Ask Arthur Breitman about:

  • Tezos and blockchain governance
  • Developing Dapps in 2018
  • Proof of Stake and other consensus mechanisms
  • The future of Bitcoin
  • The current state of Blockchain
  • Blockchain development