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Ask anything to Aurelia Team (AMA)

Ask anything to Aurelia Team (AMA)

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Rob Eisenberg
·Jan 26, 2016

Aurelia is just JavaScript. However, it's not yesterday's JavaScript, but the JavaScript of tomorrow. By using modern tooling we've been able to write Aurelia from the ground up in ECMAScript 2016. This means we have native modules, classes, decorators and more at our disposal...and you have them too.

Not only is Aurelia written in modern and future JavaScript, but it also takes a modern approach to architecture. In the past, frameworks have been monolithic beasts. Not Aurelia though. It's built as a series of collaborating libraries. Taken together, they form a powerful and robust framework for building Single Page Apps (SPAs). However, Aurelia's libraries can often be used individually, in traditional web sites or even on the server-side through technologies like NodeJS.

Shoot us any questions you want us to answer!

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Having built frameworks and engineered solutions across a variety of front-end platforms for over 10 years, the Aurelia Core Team has joined together to inject our combined experience into the Aurelia Framework, a tool we know will not only help you solve the real problems in your application development, but make you happy while you do it.