Chrome Extensions for developers, I can't live without?

Hey developers, which chrome extensions do you use that help you in day-to-day work. Please list the one you definitely can't live without. 👩‍💻

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I try to keep my extensions to a minimum. As Joe Clark said, every extension starts a new process, eating your machine's RAM like a beast. Also, some extensions are known for having malicious code.

Another thing is that Chrome's developer tools improved a lot lately and provide so much of the tools needed in our day-to-day work.

I still rely on several extensions like uBlock Origin, JSON Viewer, React Developer Tools and ZenHub's extension, which I use for managing my personal Github projects.

As you see, I try to minimize the extensions I use and stick to proven and well-known extensions.

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  • Edit This Cookie
  • User Agent Switcher for Google Chrome
  • Window Resizer
  • Page Ruler
  • Last Pass
  • Neater Bookmarks
  • Stylus & various dark themes
  • uBlock Origin
  • Emmet Re:view
  • Checker Plus for Google Calendar
  • Google Publisher Toolbar
  • JSONView
  • Postman

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  • Lighthouse : When needed
  • Adblock plus
  • Any screenshot tool
  • Daydream (Nightmare JS) sometimes

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I use Wappalyzer to know what technologies are running on any page. Node, Vue, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, whatever. Wappalyzer:

I use Pocket to save articles and web pages to read later on. There's an extension and a Chrome app. The Chrome app downloads the saved articles and pages for offline read. Pocket:

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I try to keep extensions to a minimum since Chrome launches a new process for each one. However, this is one I've been running for years and find it invaluable:

JavaScript Errors Notifier

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