Chrome Extensions for developers, I can't live without?


Hey developers, which chrome extensions do you use that help you in day-to-day work. Please list the one you definitely can't live without. 👩‍💻

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Kleo Petrov's photo

I try to keep my extensions to a minimum. As Joe Clark said, every extension starts a new process, eating your machine's RAM like a beast. Also, some extensions are known for having malicious code.

Another thing is that Chrome's developer tools improved a lot lately and provide so much of the tools needed in our day-to-day work.

I still rely on several extensions like uBlock Origin, JSON Viewer, React Developer Tools and ZenHub's extension, which I use for managing my personal Github projects.

As you see, I try to minimize the extensions I use and stick to proven and well-known extensions.

Brandon's photo
  • Edit This Cookie
  • User Agent Switcher for Google Chrome
  • Window Resizer
  • Page Ruler
  • Last Pass
  • Neater Bookmarks
  • Stylus & various dark themes
  • uBlock Origin
  • Emmet Re:view
  • Checker Plus for Google Calendar
  • Google Publisher Toolbar
  • JSONView
  • Postman
Joe Clark's photo

I try to keep extensions to a minimum since Chrome launches a new process for each one. However, this is one I've been running for years and find it invaluable:

JavaScript Errors Notifier

Girish Patil's photo
  • Lighthouse : When needed
  • Adblock plus
  • Any screenshot tool
  • Daydream (Nightmare JS) sometimes
Samuel Akintunde's photo

I use Wappalyzer to know what technologies are running on any page. Node, Vue, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, whatever. Wappalyzer:

I use Pocket to save articles and web pages to read later on. There's an extension and a Chrome app. The Chrome app downloads the saved articles and pages for offline read. Pocket:

Marco Alka's photo

I usually try to keep my list small, because w/e do I need? Chrome's dev tools deliver my coding needs, and other than that, there's only very little to add.

  • TamperMonkey, which allows me to write custom JS, which gets injected into websites on load - because I just can't resist to meddle with my favorite websites~
  • uBlock Origin - blocking ads like its 2018. Duh, some pages just go full ad on you, so you gotta fight back.
  • HTTPS everywhere for all the lazy bum admins who don't redirect you automagically to their TLS secured site :)
  • Ghostery blocks annoying (social media) trackers. Google Analytics included, btw. Feeling like a ghost :)
  • Akari URL shortener, which I don't use too often, but those short links are waaai too cute :D
  • various WaniKani extensions for my Japanese learning needs.

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Milica good point! I actually don't mind ads, though. I mind being stalked across the web and I mind not being able to access a page because everything is covered by ads which more often than not make my eyes bleed because of their "attention colors" and "attention animations". Everything wants to be seen, except for what I want to see. Ads which respect me as a user of a page and not as a target of extortion are cool and I really like how non-intrusive they are over here at Hashnode.

Milica Maksimović's photo

Yeah, I was referring to those "I know which pages you visited 😈" type of ads too.

Jos Faber's photo
  • 1Password
  • Evernote
  • JSON formatter
j's photo

these are currently the ones I use

  • xdebug
  • postman
  • react
  • redux
  • google tag assistant
  • GTM Sonar
  • Blackfire
Jason Knight's photo

Honestly whilst I test on Chrome, and use Vivaldi as my daily driver, I only debug on chrome when FF's in-built debugging isn't telling me what I need to know.

Generally whilst great as a daily driver browser, the in-built tools and extensions/plugins come up short on my needs as a developer. A LOT of that is just limitations of what Chrome and it's kin/kine let you do to the browser's UI and/or how little it exposes to the extension developer.

So I use FF+Extensions for debugging and tools, even if it is an unstable train wreck with piss poor accessibility and UI design that makes it utterly unsuited for my day to day use.

Right tool for the right job.

Amongst the extensions I use in FF:

Web Developer Toolbar -- I mostly use it these days for disabling CSS to make sure my semantics presents a useful page, test what happens on forms if someone tries to BS "post" and "get", and to verify the document outline. That last one being great to show people how utterly banjaxed their mis-use/abuse of H1..H6 are.

Adblock Plus -- so I can see what happens on pages when ads are blocked. You might put ads on a site, but that doesn't mean sane and rational people aren't going to tell you to kiss off, so your site needs to work when they're blocked. and no, I don't go nuts trying to block the blockers. I get it, I don't trust advertisers as far as I can throw a semi-trailer; even when I work with them.

JavaScript Control -- lets me enable/disable scripting on a site-by-site basis. To meet accessibility minimums your page NEEDS to at least deliver the primary content when JavaScript is disabled as part of graceful degradation minimums. Since many people on mobile will disable scripting to save bandwidth, people in office environments often have it blocked for security reasons, and large swaths of users block it out of outright distrust, this IS a thing you should be planning for. (and why CSR -- at least on websites -- is nothing more than you as the developer flipping the bird at such users.)

... and that's really it since the in-built debugging tool/document inspector is overkill in the majority of cases. I've not seen any other extensions for any browser that do much of anything I need or even want done during development.

Though I have watched some people collect extensions/tools the way I collect vintage computers. "Because they can" not because they actually are going to use it for anything productive.

functionalStoic's photo

I use the add to Trello extension on a daily basis. Partly because I like to track what I work on and also to add something I'd like to do in the future

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I might be a minority here, but I actually use Chrome for development almost bare. It's not my main browser, I usually don't even have any personal information in it. I think the only extension I've been using is Redux DevTools for an Angular project with ngrx.

Amit Chambial's photo

Chrome extensions that I uses are :

  1. Metamask: For running decentralised apps.
  2. Pushbullet : Mobile Notifications are shown on Desktop.
  3. Grammarly: For writing posts.
  4. React Developers Tools_: For developing react based apps.
  5. Video Speedup: To speed up the videos 2x,3x,5x times.
  6. LastPass : Password manager.
Pankaj Sanam's photo

Here is the list of Chrome extensions that I use on day to day basis-

  1. Print Friendly & PDF (To save webpages as PDF file)
  2. LastPass (A must tool for saving all my passwords)
  3. AdBlocker Ultimate (To block some annoying ads)
  4. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Recorder (For web page screenshot and recording)
  5. Vue DevTools (A must tool for Vue js developers)
  6. Grammarly (Helps with spelling and other minor sentence mistakes)
  7. Gnome shell extension (Helps with installing gnome extensions on my Ubuntu)
  8. JSON Formatter (Very handy tool)
  9. Raindrop (Saves bookmark)
  10. Nightshift (Not using much)
  11. VisBug (Just for fun)

I have more than enough RAM so I don't worry about having a lot of plugins.

Mike West's photo
  • Git Cheat Sheet

  • JSON Editor

  • React Developer Tools

  • Lightshot

Samay Mahajan's photo

I can't live without

  • LastPass
  • Pocket
Digital Baboon's photo

I just use Adblock and JSON Viewer. I don't like to clutter up my experiences with bloat. Bloat is evil.

Nam Nguyen's photo
  • Edit this cookie
  • Live HTTP Header
  • Clear cache and cookie
  • Vue Dev
  • Some Extensions I was build for my work!
Steph's photo
  1. User JavaScript and CSS
     for adding snippets of code to modify web pages
  2. Adblock Plus
  3. Checker Plus for Google Calender
     to be organized/add events to my calendar faster
Hipkiss's photo
  • uBlock

  • The Great Suspender

  • HTTPS Everywhere

  • Content-security-policy headers are enabled. - very useful for not worrying about CORS in localhost.

  • Vue DevTools

  • ColorPick Eyedropper

  • Blur - useful for creating fake emails/data quickly :)

  • TamperMonkey

  • And until a few months ago postman. They have since created a desktop app for better use :)

Ayat amine's photo

I almost use the minimum tools for Web Development Vuedevtool Adblock Page ruler Color picker

Samuel Batista's photo

#1 is of course chromeIPass (for password management with KeePass ), #2 is React Developer Tools . Those are my essentials.

Eric Windham's photo

I use Vue DevTools, React Developer Tools, LastPass, XDebug helper, Evernote, WhatFont, JSON Formatter, and Eye Dropper

Oolong Loop's photo

Video Speed Controller, helps me consume tutorial videos at 2x the speed for efficiency