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David Walsh is best known for running David Walsh Blog. He is :

Senior Web Developer and evangelist for Mozilla.

Conference and Meetup speaker (London AJAX, AustinJS, BrazilJS, Snow*Mobile, etc.).

Core Developer for the MooTools JavaScript Framework, and creator of numerous MooTools plugins.

Founder of Script &Style.

Founder of Wynq Web Labs.

This is a great opportunity to interact with David and have his insights on Web Development.

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  1. How do you handle the NodeJS async nature of things compared to other server side languages?
  2. Do you have any specific ways of structuring NodeJS applications from the start or do you just code and refactor later?
  3. When you start a project, how do you go about structuring your HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Do you start thinking in terms of components? Do you use the BEM methodology to help you with the structure of the project?
  1. As someone that codes 95% on the client side and with async structures, converting that ideology to the server side hasn't been too difficult. I guess I'd say the best philosophy to have is to never assume successful routine execution.

  2. Not really; I usually try to "code to make it work", then "refactor to make it pretty". This philosophy allows me to keep my line of thought without thinking too much about minutia.

  3. It really depends on the project and, to be honest, I usually just defer to others on the team. I do like BEM methodology though!

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You tweet a lot about the benefits of working remotely from home. It sounds like you have an awesome gig. How do you stay productive at work while doing working from home? What do your days typically look like? Any advice for someone wanting a similar lifestyle?

The truth about working from home is you can either handle it or you can't. I've heard dozens of people tell their stories of being fired within a month or two because they weren't getting anything done because home felt like leisure.

I've never had any problems working from home because it fits my goals for a work environment: quiet, very few interruptions (imagine how many people stop by your desk at a traditional job), no one looking over your shoulder, comfortable, etc.

My typical day is 9-5 because I want to hang out with my family before my young kid goes to bed. Most communication is over email and IRC but big decisions are made via video meetings. Every once in a while I jump into a video meeting with colleagues just to "hang out".

Sometimes I work outside, sometimes I'm in my office, sometimes I'm in my living room with soccer on. All depends!

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I know are you are an developer first and then blogger, but I actually know you from your blog and this logo. So, any tips you would like to offer to tech bloggers?

Absolutely! Here are a few tips I always share:

  1. Write in your own voice and in your own conversational style.
  2. Make yourself publish on a regular interval
  3. Write about whatever comes to your mind; forcing yourself to write about a given topic all the time will drive you crazy!

Hope this helps!

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Assuming Mozilla has its own style guide of coding, does it affect your creativity in terms of how you would write and structure your code?

Not really; I'm a "make it work" first, "make it pretty" second type of guy. So I'll make sometime work then conform the code to the specific project!

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What are a few things you are excited about in current Web Development scene? Are there any particular trends that you see?

I know it's been popular for a few years but I'm still incredibly excited by Node.js . I'm also excited about Electron and some of the stuff Mozilla is doing, like Tofino. React is being used in Mozilla's Dev Tools and Tofino, so I'm exciting about that as well. I had a blast working on Firefox OS for TV -- I'm super into alternative use cases for JavaScript. In short, there's too much out there to keep up!

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