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How do I backup Email in Outlook on Windows?

How do I backup Email in Outlook on Windows?

Backing up Outlook emails is not a difficult task. However, some people facing issues with outlook backup. In this blog, we suggest various methods.

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Hannah Baker
·Mar 8, 2022·

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The majority of modern companies rely on email to communicate. The loss of access to email or, even more so, complete email accounts could be catastrophic. Backup your Outlook email is one of the best ways to have peace of mind knowing your emails are saved in different places on your device and aren't easily lost.

This article will discuss how to back up Outlook emails using a variety of different methods.

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How to Backup and Export All Outlook Emails into PST

One of the most efficient methods to backup all emails in your Outlook emails is by using the integrated .pst files format. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange exclusively utilize PST files to store email messages along with contact information and addresses as well as calendar events. The static PST document can serve to backup your current Outlook contacts and emails and Outlook can access it even when offline.

## Here's how to back up your email to a .pst file:

  1. You can open your Outlook and then click on "File."
  2. On the main menu click "Open & Export."
  3. Select"Import/Export" "Import/Export" click.
  4. The system will then return to the primary Outlook screen and display the Import/Export Wizard, which will help you navigate the process of exporting.
  5. In the Wizard choose the "Export to an image document" choice from the menu and then select "Next."
  6. Select "Outlook data file (.pst)" when you are asked to choose a type of file after which press "Next." You'll then be asked to choose which folders to export. Select an email account that will export folders that are associated with it which includes contacts and calendar information. Click "Next" once you're content with the choice you made.
  7. Choose the path wherein which the backup is stored in. Keep the path in mind so that you are able to access it later.
  8. It's recommended to modify the names of your files (the final part of the file's path). It's by default "backup.pst."
  9. If you're saving backup files within the default location choose whether you'd like duplicate files. (Optional) It is possible to return to any previous dialogs, for instance, to alter the folder you select, clicking"Back" or the "Back" option.
  10. Click "Finish" to begin the export process.
  11. Outlook will require you to set up passwords. This is important for security purposes, but it's not necessary to enter an account password.
  12. The extract file in the directory you indicated for the file's path. It is now possible to transfer to copy or move the file somewhere else.

How to Access Exported Outlook Emails

After you've exported your files, you may be thinking about how you can access them in the future. Outlook lets you open backups and restores emails to their saved point. Here's what you must do:

Locate that backup. Take note of its location and path.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click the "File," then click on "Open & Export."
  3. On the menu to the right, choose "Open the Outlook the Data File."
  4. This will open this window. It opens the File Explorer. Open your backup files. Click it, and then choose "Open."
  5. The system will redirect you to the primary Outlook screen.
  6. n the navigation menu on the left side, scroll down until you can see "Outlook Information." This is the category that contains the information taken from backup files.
  7. The category is still based on the original layout and folder systems.
  8. Drag-and-drop email messages to transfer them to other documents.
  9. Now you can access the emails that you have backed up.

How to Quickly Save a Single Outlook Email

Sometimes you'd rather not go through to go through the trouble of saving all your emails and then opening Outlook repeatedly when you just need just a handful of emails. It's a good thing there are a few easy ways to remove just one mail from Outlook.

Method 1 - Directly Save to a Folder

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Open File Explorer and navigate to the destination you want to save your email. It is possible to set each of Outlook along with File Explorer in windowed mode and move them around to allow more convenience.
  3. Drag the email that you want to keep from Outlook into the folder.
  4. Outlook will automatically save emails in the format of an "Outlook Items" format.
  5. Double-click to save the email in order to view it within Outlook.

Method 2 - Save as TXT or HTML

You can open the email you would like to save to Outlook. Choose "File," then select "Save as." It will appear that the File Explorer will pop up. Select the folder in which you would like to save the email. On the bottom of the File Explorer, click on the Arrow in front of "Save by type." Choose either "Text All" to save the email in .txt format, or "HTML" in order to save your email in a .html file. After saving and saving, the email can be accessed using the text editor (such as Notepad) when it's saved as .txt or in your browser if it's saved in .html. The email you save this way does not preserve attachments, so make certain that you download the attachments, name the files as needed and save them with the email to be able to access them later.

Method 3 - Use Screen Capture to Save an Image

You may also utilize programs to capture the screen and save the content of the email as images. This can be helpful for referencing the contents of emails in other forms of communication since images can be easily pinged to emails as well as other messages.

If you're running Windows older versions, the latest versions come with screen capture software pre-installed that's called Snipping Tool (on old gadgets) or Snip & Sketch. Alternately, you can click your keyboard to click the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then copy the image into Paint.

In the case of Mac machines, the procedure is the same. Make use of this Ctrl + Command + 4 shortcut to launch the screen capture feature integrated into your device Then drag the selection crosshair around to fill the entire area of the email and save the email.

For Linux users, there's an array of software for screen recording available for download that can be used to save an email in an image. Additionally, GNOME-based models come with an integrated Screenshot application located in the Applications > Accessories menu. Certain Linux OS versions will respond to the Print Screen icon located on your keyboard just as Windows systems.

How Do I Export All Email Addresses in Outlook?

If you'd like to export your contact list (which includes the contact's email addresses and other details) You can follow methods similar to those used to export emails. But, contact data can be saved in a different format which is more user-friendly and can be opened using Excel to allow for easy editing and manipulation. What you must do:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  3. Within the Export/Import Wizard Choose "Save as the file."
  4. Select "Comma-separated value (.csv)" at the time you are asked to choose a file type.
  5. In the menu for selecting folders Choose from the folder selection menu, select the "Contacts" folder in your account.
  6. Check the file's path or modify it if necessary. Name the file in the way you prefer.
  7. Click "Finish" to begin the process of export.
  8. The Import/Export dialog will end once the process is completed.

Its exported .csv file can be opened using Excel. It will show a huge table that includes contact details. It's likely to have lots of blank cells, and that's perfectly normal. You can utilize Excel to alter the data, but the addition of additional data could cause it to be unreadable for Outlook should you want to import the file in the future.

This file can be used on a different device or use an email provider to transfer contact details.

How Do I Save Multiple Outlook Emails to My Computer?

If you're looking to store more than one email at a single time, however, you don't want to save all of your email collection There is a method to select just a few emails to save all at once. This is what you must do:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Choose the emails you wish to save. Press Ctrl, and then click on mails to select each one at a time or hold Shift to select a group from emails in between the initial and the second click.
  3. Go to File > Save As.
  4. Within the dialogue box navigate to the folder you wish to save your emails in and name the file the way you would like, and select "Text Only" as the format you want to save to.
  5. Outlook is able to save every one of the emails that you choose to save in one .txt file. It is possible to use an editor for text to view the files.
  6. If you'd like to save them as separate .txt files it is necessary for each one to be saved individually. 7. Other Outlook plugins available online will allow you to expand this feature to save emails in distinct .txt or other file formats.

Are You Afraid of these manual Methods:-

Try the Shoviv ost to pst converter tool that supports multiple OST file conversions, not only do conversion but also export OST files into Office 365 mailboxes and outlook profiles dorectly.

A New Look on Outlook

With Outlook's built-in function to export emails, users are able to back up their email and restore it in the event that you lose access to the email you have either due to a forgotten password or being compromised. Since online communication is ubiquitous, spending just a few minutes of your time regularly backup Outlook emails can help you avoid the stress of scouring for deleted documents.

What is the frequency of exporting Outlook emails? Tell us in the comment section below.