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Ask anything to Rust Language Team

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.


  • zero-cost abstractions

  • move semantics

  • guaranteed memory safety

  • threads without data races

  • trait-based generics

  • pattern matching

  • type inference

  • minimal runtime

  • efficient C bindings

    Ask Rust Language Team about:

  • Getting started with Rust

  • Contributing to Rust

  • Migrating to Rust

  • Performance questions

  • Future plans

  • OSS

  • General Advice

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Hey y'all! A subset of the Rust core team is now here and we'll be answering from our personal perspectives. Keep the questions coming!

EDIT: And we're done! Thanks for the great questions, everyone! This was a lot of fun.

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Does pineapple belong in pizza?

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Why you gotta be like that Aaron? Vim all the way. It's how I got involved in Rust back in 2011.

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Hi Rust team! Thanks for doing this AMA. One question that beginner developers always ask about Rust is:

With C++17 being such a great and easy-to-use language, why would anyone use Rust?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Can I replace my Rails/Django/Flask with Rust? Is it ready for web development already?

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To add to Steve, there's also a great website, Are We Web Yet, that literally tries to answer this question. The biggest web frameworks that I know of (in alphabetical order):

There are a number of companies using Rust Web Services in production, but offhand I'm not sure which frameworks they are using.

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I feel learning Rust needs functional programming experience, being coming from C background I am facing difficulty in solving problems rust way.

I would like to learn rust by contributing to the open source code, for now can you please recommend some rust projects where I can contribute as a beginner?

I am also interested in embedded systems, what's the plan to support micro-controllers like ARM cortexM3 and friends? Is anybody is doing work on this?

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As for contributing, there's a big drive right now to get people involved with Rust itself and related projects! See for a big list, or to just dive in.

There's a lot of work on ARM! Check out; you use the thumbv7m-none-eabi triple for the M3. is also a very interesting project I'm excited about.

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What is your personal vision for Rust in 10 years? I'd love to hear a few random interesting personal highlights from what you hope or envision the Rust language or ecosystem looking like 10 years from now in 2028. Specialty, language feature, adoption pattern, notable success story, however you envision it!

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In ten years, I'd like to see Rust become the default systems language of the web. I talked about that in another question though, so you should check that out :)

In ten years, I'd like to see Rust be taught in universities as the go-to low-level language.

In ten years, when someone asks "We need more performance, how do we get it?", "Rust" should be the default answer.

In ten years, I'd like to see be one of the largest package ecosystems in existence.

In ten years, I'd like to see dozens of books on Rust.

In ten years, I'd like to see Rust have a formal, proven memory model, with fantastic tooling for unsafe code.

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